Music + Lyrics: Joyner Lucas – Frozen


Joyner Lucas – Frozen

Download mp3 Joyner Lucas Frozen mp3 Download / Sing Along Lyrics

Joyner Lucas has just released a new song called Frozen as fans awaits his join project Angels & Demons with Chris Brown.

The new single Frozen by Joyner Lucas is the latest music from the controversial rapper Joyner Lucas. In the song Frozen, Joyner Lucas reminded his how dangerous it is to be texting and driving, and drinking and driving. Download Joyner Lucas Frozen mp3.

Joyner Lucas new song Frozen also came with musical video of the track Frozen which aims to spread the the song’s message. Joyner Lucas Frozen mp3 download.

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The controversial rapper has dropped a new song today called ‘Frozen’ which tackles the issue of texting and driving, and drinking and driving, reminding listeners how dangerous it can be. It comes along with a very disturbing music video which aims to spread the the song’s message.

Download mp3 Joyner Lucas Frozen

DOWNLOAD MP3: Joyner Lucas – Frozen


Joyner Lucas Frozen Lyrics

Damn, this is not alright
How the fuck I end up on the other side of life
No more hanging with my friends
No more riding bikes
No more brushing barbies hair
No more flying kites
No more school
No more learning for me
No more youth, no more juice
No more hula hoops or Suzy Q’s
Wish I could kiss my momma bye (Joyner)
And if she ever see me like this she be traumatized
No this is not alright, but nothing is (shit)
I barely got to live, I’m just a kid
Look at me, look what you fucking did
I’m fucking dead (damn)
No this wasn’t even my fault, now I’m speaking with the lights off
I don’t think they hear me
It ain’t no more tv, no more dancing
No more sleepovers or no candy
No more camping
No more kisses from my daddy ’cause I left and died
All because this stupid bitch wanted to text and drive

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